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Whale- and dolphin watching

The Swiss foundation firmm® (fondation for information and research on marine mammals) dedicates its work to the research and conservation of marine mammals, especially the whales and dolphins in the Strait of Gibraltar. The foundations locations serve as platforms for acquisition and exchange of information. Scientists and everyone else interested in whales and dolphins are invited to help them reach their goal. Only together we can achieve that people care more about the oceans and that future generations of animals and mankind will still find an environment worth living in.

Courses and daily boat trips

From April to October each year we give you the opportunity in cooperation with the FIRMM-Foundation to meet the whales and dolphins in the Strait of Gibraltar during courses (1 or 2 weeks). On our daily excursions of 2 to 2 ˝ hours each you are invited to study pilot whales and dolphins real close. With a little luck it is even possible to see sperm whales, orcas, or fin whales. The foundations marine biologists have also prepared some interesting lectures, which will provide you with valuable information about these threatened animals and the oceans in general.


You can book your daily boat trip filling up the form. You pay only 10% as reservation and the final payment before starting the boat trip in the foundations office.


adults: 30,- Euro
children till 14 years: 20,- Euro
children till 6 years: 10,- Euro

Foundations homepage: www.firmm.org

Info: all informations kindly supported with the kindly authorisation of www.firmm.org/en/

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